What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the ability to pay attention to the present moment. Full attention without judging and letting go of expectations, so that we can accept what we cannot control and embrace our experiences.

Our spaces of silence are very important to be able to connect with ourselves. It can be very rewarding to feel the energy that we are generating in us, while we are breathing.

“Multitasking” has its consequences. Having a full mind generates rigidity in our daily lives, muscular tensions, very high levels of stress, difficulties in concentrating and making decisions. In short, we lose our spontaneity.

We tend to develop impulsive behaviour such as sleeping badly or eating badly because of the anxiety or stress that certain situations can generate us. These experiences generate a pattern, a way of life, which will be reflected in behaviours and habits that ultimately harm us.

Full attention also consists of identifying and recognising the harmful habits that we have acquired and are part of our daily lives, as if they were normal. But they are not, they prevent us from enjoying and savouring positive emotions, they prevent us living in love.