Rhozam is synonymous with wellbeing, growth and passion for life, for consciously living our experiences, both those that are pleasant (enjoying them, because from enjoyment we can also evolve and grow) and those that are not so pleasant, being aware that we have the capacity to manage and transcend them in a harmonious way. When we, at Rhozam, accompany you in the process of living we continue growing too.

We carefully choose our producers. We appreciate and value the traditional know-how of the family vineyards that work the land with love and respect, that take care of and nurture the process as well as their human, natural and material resources. Families for whom conserved tradition, culture and knowledge passed from generation to generation, are vital.

We carry out an exclusive selection of products with Designation of Origin, whose superior quality is the result of a work infused with love, from the beginning of production on the land, through the delicate elaboration and finally in the direct delivery to our clients.

One of the innovative contributions that we offer our customers is to identify the personality, emotional qualities and vibratory frequency contained in and expressed by our wines, which are enhanced and magnified by the continent that gave birth to them; the vibration of colour, the sacred geometry and the selection of images that are present in the exclusive designs of our labels.

Another innovative contribution that we provide our clients is our service, designed and created with heart-mind fusion based on mindfulness. These experiences provide tools that can easily be incorporated into our daily lives, in order to achieve greater well-being and enjoy every moment of our existence to the fullest.

Our philosophy is also our intention, which gives rise to our affirmation "vive viviendo”/ "live in love". Being faithful to our philosophy and living in love because we love life; this is the reason why we are very respectful of the environment and why we only use tin capsules on our wine bottles.

Mindfulness guide

I am Rosario, I was born in the city of Guayaquil (Ecuador). My childhood and adolescence were spent in a town on the Ecuadorian coast, where I grew up surrounded by nature.

From the top of those trees I used to look at the horizon and daydream, giving free rein to my imagination. The contact with nature allowed me to refine my senses, develop my intuition and the ability to focus fully on the skills that I would later develop professionally through the study and practice of mindfulness.

At the age of 17 I started my professional training, I graduated in Business Administration at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

For many years I worked in the business world as a tax adviser and in finance. However, listening to my intuition and driven by my passion for the world of wine, I decided to train as a sommelier at the University of the Balearic Islands.

At that time, I decided to start a journey through my host country, Spain, with the aim of discovering its wines, culture and geography, as well as taking the first steps towards my dream: Rhozam.

I travelled thousands of miles in search of small vineyards and artisanal producers. Several families opened their doors to me, eager to share their traditional know-how; in them I saw my ancestors, my parents, who also worked the land.

Later on, while I was studying at the “University of Spirituality”, I was unknowingly preparing myself to face some of the more difficult experiences of my life. Later and consequently, I understood that Rhozam could be a cornerstone that I had not yet taken into account, and so at the end of 2017 the first mindfulness wine tasting was born.

Thanks to all the experiences I’ve had, I’ve grown into the woman I am. Through Rhozam, I want to share what, from my point of view, is the best thing about me, what I am good at doing in a natural way and what I find rewarding, that is, teaching and sharing the “live in love” philosophy in order to facilitate personal wellbeing.